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AUDio SQUADron is an Edmonton based group that combines free improvisation, with composed structural elements.  John Calverley (violin/mandolin) along Travis Short (electric/acoustic bass), Mark Sazavsky (trombone), Ojas Joshi (tabla/percussion), and Denis Boisvert (drum kit), play acoustic/electric music that is reminiscent of the comedy, virtuosity and mellow introspection of Carl Stalling (Bugs Bunny), Secret Chiefs, Portise Head and Mister Bungle.  Though many make the claim, AUDSQUAD has developed a truly unique sound.  When asked, “What kind of music do you play?” the answer depends on what track your listening to, and who you ask.  For AUDSQUAD the answer is “Good music!”

AUDio SQUADronJohn Calverley