Vinok Worldance Kicks-Off the '09 Festive Season

orchestra CAW 2009 Vinok Worldance kicks-off the '09 festive season with our annual production of ‘Christmas Around the World’. This year we will be featuring a larger musical ensemble wich includes: John Calverley (violin), William Cramer (guitar), and Dianne Tebby (accordion), Moni Mathew (misc.), Daniel Gervais (violin), Don Ross (winds), Thom Golub (bass), Thom Bennett (drums/percussion). This show runs from November 10th - 15th. Tickets are available through Vinok at 454-3739.

Timothy J. Anderson hosts the evening as Vinok performers dance through centuries of folk culture with live music, stunning choreography and handcrafted costumes as you dine at the Chateau Louis’ dinner and decadent dessert buffet.