Moksha Ensemble

The Moksha Ensemble is five piece, instrumental world fusion group.  The ensemble consists of John Calverley on violin, Kirk Bishop on guitars, Ojas Joshi on Indian tabla and various percussion, Travis Short on bass, and Dennis Boisvert on the drum kit. The contrast of sounds and rhythms between two strong percussionists, adds an interesting and exciting dimension to their pieces. Moksha Ensemble’s public debut was captured on a self-produced demo CD, ‘Live’. There music is a true dialogue between cultural idioms, and is a continual source of learning and inspiration. The paring of Ojas and Dennis provided a unique challenge for Moksha.  Aside from the obvious differences in rhythmic idioms, was the drastically different dynamic space that each occupies.  Both Ojas and Dennis had to develop new techniques on their instruments, and implement creative sound reinforcement, in order to successfully blend and unify their sound. Our first studio offering ‘Lady Sun’ showcases all of these ideals and is a culmination of the groups’ first year as an ensemble. Recording was finished in December of 2003 and the disc was released in April of 2004. ‘Lady Sun’ blends the ethnic flavors of the east with the western Jazz and Classical mediums to achieve a singular sound that embraces both meditation and movement.